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« Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know what half ».

You probably already have a list of use cases for your advertising program. Here are other common ways advertisers can use AI.
Segmentation and Strategy
• Run predictive analysis to determine which ad content and creative will work before you launch.
• Complete sophisticated customer journey mapping to serve up the right ads at the right time.
• Set up and more precisely target different audience segments based on firmographic, technographic, first-party, or
third-party data to dynamically serve the right content to each audience.
• Unify customer data for richer behavioral profiles, better segmentation, and more targeted ads.
• Analyze competitors’ ad campaigns to uncover winning strategies.
• Intelligently segment prospects to personalize ad messaging to a user’s specific needs or goals.
• Create comprehensive profiles of valuable users and customers to compile valuable lookalike audiences.
• Automatically identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities that make sense for each individual buyer based on
purchase history.
• Uncover less obvious channels and platforms to find new audiences interested in your ads.
Ad Creative
• Automatically generate different variations of product listings and images at scale to fit the standards of different
channels and ad networks.
• Scale one piece of creative across platforms, languages, and regions.
• Run cross-channel marketing. Dynamically update ad creative and copy to be consistent for users across channels
and devices.
• Generate video advertisements using AI-assisted scriptwriting, graphics, voiceover, and even AI actors.
• Mine user-generated content like search queries, customer reviews, and social media posts to better understand
buyer intent, challenges, and preferences, and craft more effective ad copy.
• Maximize the value of your data by unlocking information trapped in product descriptions, reviews, or other
unstructured text to generate more relevant ads.
• Create more relevant ads based on contextual variables, such as device type, location, or time of day.
Targeting and Personalization
• Match products to a user’s needs, desires, motivations, and interests to identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities,
then run personalized ad delivery campaigns.
• Improve retargeting and remarketing campaigns by better predicting what users want to see, do, read, or buy next.
• Create a product recommendation engine that intelligently recommends content and products based on consumer
preferences and behaviors.
• Personalize product descriptions and reviews based on demographic or contextual data, like search queries.
• Use AI to analyze product metadata and provide smarter product recommendations to users from your catalog.
• Recommend trending products — those gaining popularity among users at the fastest pace.
9 | AI for Advertising Blueprint
Conversion Rate Optimization and Eliminating Guesswork in A/B Testing
• Use A/B or multivariate testing to identify ad copy that resonates with your target audience, and test even more
variations more quickly using AI.
• Automatically serve different site versions to each visitor, aligning the experience with the ad to maintain brand
consistency and optimize conversions.
• Execute A/B tests of ad campaign landing pages, headlines, images, offers, calls to action and more, learn from the
results, and automatically apply the learnings to future campaigns.
• Allocate budget to the right audiences and channels.
• Automatically and proactively manage, adjust, and optimize ad budget.
• Run dynamic pricing campaigns, and provide personalized pricing based on customer behavior, competitor prices,
and market demand to incentivize conversions.
• Put ad placement optimization on autopilot.
• Save money with more sophisticated and accurate ad fraud detection.
Analytics and Reporting
• Use visual AI to identify the colors, copy, and visual elements that perform best.
• Run sentiment analysis on ad creative to optimize future messaging and campaigns based on your audience’s
• Get real-time analytics and instant reporting insights to augment your own analysis.
• Continuously pull relevant metrics and illustrate performance in dashboards and interactive reports, calculating ROI
for each campaign.
• Synthesize massive data sets for patterns and emerging trends that can inform future ad campaign strategies.

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These are great opportunities for the near future of advertising and communication.

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