Une nouvelle exposition virtuelle en 3D signée Artgence 3D pour MoCADA et l’artiste Theda Sandiford

Artgence 3D signe une nouvelle collaboration avec MoCADA- New-York, Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Art en ouvrant une nouvelle galerie virtuelle 3D et une exposition dédiée à l’artiste Theda Sandiford.


Theda Sandiford: Hidden In Plain Sight – MoCADA : MocadaSmall

.A propos de l’exposition :


A dynamic presentation made up of virtual and public art exhibitions by Caribbean-American artist Theda Sandiford, Hidden in Plain Sight confronts the psychological impact of racial gaslighting as it has been revealed in her everyday interactions. In this exhibition, Theda goes beyond the aesthetic armor she has donned for protection, to shield herself from the implicit biases projected onto her in effort to reconcile the past and its lasting impact on the present….

Made possible thanks to the generous contributions of The Andy Warhol Foundation, The Ford Foundation, and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.