Top NFT Artist Beeple in the new summer edition of the IT IS ALL AROUND US virtual exhibition

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For several months now, the media and the art world have been buzzing about an incredible technology: Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). NFTs are a unique form of digital certification. Although the technology itself has been around for many years, the renewed attention around it has led many artists to create NFT artworks, and collectors to acquire them. This technology has given artists the legitimacy they needed to sell their digital artworks through more traditional means, such as auctions and galleries. While its future is not set in stone, there is little doubt within the art world that NFT is the next step.

This virtual 3D exhibition invites you to discover the infinite possibilities of digital artworks and NFT technology.


There has been an exciting collaboration between Artgence3D and Tech Circus through their ‘Global NFT Summit 2021’. We’ve been so fortunate to converse with some of the leading artists and collectors in the art and NFT spaces- and they’ve been kind enough to grant us permission to display some of their greatest NFT pieces here.
They are innovative, striking and wonderful.

“IT IS ALL AROUND US” features works by Andrea Bonaceto, Async Art, BE A STEREOTYPE, Beeple, Colborn Bell, Exquisite Workers, FVCKRENDER, Kyle Gordon, NastPlas, ROBNESS, Rolands Zilvinskis, Sparrow and Vratislav Pecka aka PosterLad.

Huge thanks to Metakovan who’s presented us with some of Beeple’s work, FVCKRENDER for their contributions and all of the other fantastic artists who’ve shared their work with us- Robness, Async Art, Sparrow Read, Kyle Gordon etc.

Their artistic styles and influences, through our virtual gallery, will introduce you to a universe little known to us but that will inevitably be an integral part of our future. Our exhibition will allow you to explore the infinite possibilities of this new exciting technology.

We hope that you enjoy your immersive exhibition experience.


Philippe Thoniel