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On April 2024, I was lucky to attend a conference hosted by Arthur D.Little and HEC in Palais de Tokyo : Generative Artificial Intelligence; Towards a New Civilization, focusing on Business Impact of AI.

At Next Level AI , our objective is of course not to compete with major corporation in the field of AI, but to provide our clients and partners (mostly medium size businesses)  with new services boosted by AI. We focus on our main field of competence, which is delivering state of the art websites in line with clear communication and services objectives.

Our 3D technology combined with new opportunities of AI allow us to create 3D Virtual Agent or Expert featuring  on the home page of your website, answering questions of your visitors and guiding them to the right information, product, services or contact.

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Next Level Ai CEO : Philippe Thoniel

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And for a brighter perspective i would like to share some highlights regarding the Business impact of AI according to Blueshift by Arthur D. Little 2023 report :

« All types of corporate intelligence in all industries
will be impacted substantively, yet most companies appear
unready to face the changes.
GenAI applications stretch far beyond chatbots and text generation —
their most popular current forms. In fact, most corporate intellectual
tasks currently done by humans are, or will be, impacted. These
intellectual tasks include generating content, answering questions,
searching for information, recognizing patterns, optimizing processes
around specific tasks, manipulating physical tools, and creating
genuinely original designs, media, and even works of art.

As a result, GenAI will profoundly impact most
industries, starting with the obvious and standalone
use cases, such as marketing content generation
and customer support, and progressing toward more
sophisticated ones, such as financial decision-making,
before finally moving to the most integrated use cases
like industrial process automation.
Overall, however, despite the scale of impact and
the expected benefits, only around 50% of surveyed
organizations in our study have thus far made investments
or hiring decisions that pursue GenAI, signaling a
surprising degree of unreadiness. Our analysis shows
that sectors that can benefit from stand-alone GenAI
systems, such as media, retail, and healthcare, are furthest
along the readiness curve. Sectors such as telecoms,
travel and transport, automotive and manufacturing, and
aerospace and defense are more safety critical and highly
regulated. Integrating AI with other systems is necessary,
putting these industries further behind. Multiple factors
affect speed and scale of adoption; trust and business
interest are generally the most significant, followed by
competence, culture and labor relations, and ease of
implementation, although the dynamics vary by sector. »


Next Level Ai CEO : Philippe Thoniel 

More info about Next Level Ai 

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